Become a mentor is a platform to share experience and skills

You can become a mentor and conduct 1-to-1 sessions with your mentee. Choose any topics in which you are an expert and share your experience.


How works

Mentoring Session

It is a one-time meeting with a mentee on a topic of their choice. To make the session efficient, the mentor creates a plan. It is based on the brief the mentee fills in during the session booking.
Also, there can be several sessions, depending on the mentee's goal. The main point is to be as helpful as possible.


10 Reasons to Join

  • 1

    Your experience is your mentoring session

    Many services require you to decide on a single direction at once. But what if you know a lot about many areas? With us, you do not have to limit yourself! The main requirement is to make sure that you are really an expert in the chosen field. 

  • 2

    Professional growth and personal brand development

    Each mentee request has its own specifics. The more requests you receive, the more insights from the market you get. Moreover, you can develop yourself in mentoring. The feedback, rating, and recommendations from your mentees will be undeniable confirmation of your expertise.

  • 3

    It is easier than running a course

    A mentoring session doesn't need a long program for 2-3 months or complex visual materials. This is usually a one-time meeting to solve a specific issue that doesn't require so many resources.

  • 4

    Flexible schedule (smart calendar)

    Mentorship can be combined with your main job and personal life. You set your own available hours for mentoring sessions. You personally choose the number of mentees you will work with. Do you have time for only one? Sure! Want 15? No problem!

  • 5

    Extra income

    You specify the cost yourself. Name your price and monetize your free time.

  • 6

    Marketing on us

    All advertising and promotion of a mentor is our responsibility. We set up the involvement of the target audience so that there are always new users ready to join the mentoring session.

  • 7

    Mentees are highly motivated

    Mentoring sessions are ordered by those who really want to learn. The engagement of mentees is much higher than that of the average course student. 

  • 8

    We take care of organizational issues

    The only thing a mentor thinks about is mentoring. Usability of booking sessions, payment, money withdrawal, dispute resolution, and other issues are our concerns.

  • 9

    Networking and useful contacts

    Being a mentor is a great chance to meet innovators who put your advice into practice. It is also an effective way to find a colleague. Statistically, a mentee is more likely to accept an offer from their mentor than from an outside recruiter.

  • 10

    The support team is always here for you

    We are always here and ready to help! Filling out a profile, creating a session, connecting a calendar, communication, payment β€” we will help you with everything!

What about money?

The platform takes a 20% commission from each purchased session. The amount of commission is the same for all mentoring categories. Therefore, the mentor receives 80% of the session cost on the balance.

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