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{ApacheKafkaTLV} Kafka Streams meetup Part 1.

Speaker - Nimrod Ticotzner (Mentory)

Kafka streams, building distributed and fault-tolerant processing applications on top of Apache Kafka

Theoretical background about stream processing, Stream processing concepts, Kafka streams as a distributed and fault-tolerant stream processing, architecture, and advanced features.

{ApacheKafkaTLV} Log Based Architecture & Intro to Kafka Connect

Speaker - Nimrod Ticotzner (Mentory)

How Log based Architecture combined with a connectivity platform is leading the way in forwarding towards becoming the source of truth for BigData applications

{ApacheKafkaTLV} Kafka Streams meetup Part 2.

Speaker - Anatoly Tikhonov (Mentory)

Kafka streams, building distributed and fault-tolerant processing applications on top of Apache Kafka

Use-case : implementing real-time price alert notifications using Kafka streams.

Redis TLV 2017

Speaker - Nimrod Ticotzner (Mentory)

WeAreTv usecase - How we use Redis for websocket session data caching, security and session authentication, Apache Storm and Vert.x clusters recovery and storing realtime user engagement metrics.

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Mentory was created by a team of technology experts.
Our mission - to provide comprehensive support for the client's business needs from concept to production.


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Big Data

Design and Develop Big Data Solutions using SQL and NoSQl data bases including in memory and Full text search Engines. Technologies: CouchBase, MongoDb, Google Big Query, Neo4j, Redis, ElasticSearch, Mysql, OracleDB.

RealTime Stream/Batch Processing

Realtime/NearRealTime Mass Data pipelining and processing using cutting edge technologies: Apach Kafka, Kafka streams, Apache Flink, Apache Beam, Apache Storm and Apache Spark/Spark Streaming .


Cloud Environments Deployment and Configuration, Fully Automated Configuration Management using latest industry tools and frameworks such as Puppet, Ansible... Maintenance for Dev and Production phases. Clouds: Google Compute Engine, AWS.

Amandine Durr

CEO and head of Product chez We Are TV
The Mentory team is always up for any technical challenge. They developed for my startup several complex projects from A to Z involving big data, real time processing, livestreaming, augmented reality, etc. They are very talented and complementary, always looking for the best solution and very reliable. I strongly really recommend working with them.

Hannan Bareket

Vp R&D at We Are Tv
Had an amazing experience with this tallented group building a very complexed and challanging platform. Mentory's Guys were super technical and their contribution and devotion to this project was amazing.

Hagit Zamir

Director Of Engineering at ThetaRay
Working on a real-time mass data pipelines is a very challenging task, Having these guys around helped alot...

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